Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarkozy warns world powers will mobilize against Iran to protect threatened states in the region

(Haaretz).French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Iran on Wednesday that failure to reach a credible agreement over its nuclear program would force world powers to mobilize to protect threatened states in the region.

In an annual address to France's ambassadors, Sarkozy laid out his foreign policy objectives as the country prepares to take over the chair next year of the Group of 20 powers and the narrower club of rich countries known as the G8.

"If a credible agreement cannot be reached, Iran's isolation would only worsen, And in the face of worsening threat, we would have to organize ourselves to protect and defend states that feel threatened."

"Everybody knows that there are serious consequences to a policy that would allow Iran to follow its nuclear path, It would see a general proliferation in the region or even military conflict."

Sarkozy said he welcomed the new power plant to be operated by the Russians as long as it adhered to international law.

"I hope that we can find a good agreement in the coming months ... that Iran respects the law and that the concerns of the international community are lifted," Sarkozy said.