Saturday, August 7, 2010

British Chief Rabbi Sacks concerned over PM Camerons remarks on Israel and calls for a fair "Balanced" Mideast policy

(The Telegraph).Lord Sacks said many in the Jewish community felt "dismay" about the Prime Minister's remarks and urged him to show more "balance" when discussing the Middle East.

He made the comments during a sermon at St John's Wood synagogue last Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the Chief Rabbi, who leads the largest group of synagogues in the UK, said: "In a wide ranging sermon, the Chief Rabbi made a passing reference to the dismay many in the Jewish community and far beyond feel about the Prime Minister's comments on Gaza.

"The Chief Rabbi emphasised the importance that previous Prime Ministers have always placed on displaying balance, even when being forthright."

Lord Sacks' comments came after Mr Cameron was condemned by Israel for describing Gaza as a prison camp during an official visit to Turkey in July.