Monday, March 1, 2010

Sen. Kerry backs Netanyahu's plea for 'Biting' sanction on Iran

(Jpost).US Senator John Kerry came out loudly in favor of sanctions against Iran’s energy sector in a press conference in Jerusalem on Monday.

Asked by The Jerusalem Post, John Kerry, the powerful head of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, said that he “absolutely” supports sanctions against Iran’s energy industry. “I believe that the most biting and important sanctions would be those on the energy side,” Kerry said in a press conference after meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The senator said that there were other sanctions that should be considered, such as financial ones, but he thought that those against the energy sector were “of particular importance.

Asked by the Post whether he was concerned Israel would take unilateral actions, or whether he relayed that concern to the prime minister, Kerry said that Israel and the US are “talking from the same page.”

Kerry said that one of the reasons for so much dialogue over the last few weeks, including his visit and the upcoming one of Vice President Joe Biden next week, was to ensure that “we are all on the same page, all clear about what time frames exist or don’t exist, what threat levels may be real or not real, or what options may be on the table for us.”

Kerry said that Netanyahu was “tremendously supportive” of the initiatives currently being discussed, and said that the prime minister was not “rash.”