Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Channel 2 political correspondent Rina Matzliach : Netanyahu genuinely believes his actions best serving Israel's interests

(via IMRA).Channel Two's political correspondent Rina Matzliach said today on the "Making Order" program that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is the most ideologically committed prime minister Israel has had in years and that his position regarding construction in Jerusalem in particular and Arab-Israeli issues in general reflects his assessment of what he believes to genuinely best serve Israel's interests rather than an attempt to placate coalition members.

Matzliach discounted Eyal Arad 's assertion made on the program that Netanyahu's constituents want "hope" and thus actually want Netanyahu to make whatever concessions are needed to cut a deal with the Palestinians. Matzliach termed Arad's commens a "Kadima" narrative and argued that Netanyahu's constituents "are not looking for hope - they just want some quiet and economics."