Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Knesset speaker Rivlin: Netanyahu is capable of withstanding the US pressure

(From Haaretz interview)...Q.Knesset Speaker Rivlin, in your opinion is Netanyahu capable of withstanding the campaign of heavy pressure being imposed on him from all sides?

Rivlin: Although they say Netanyahu is hesitant or a trickster, and someone who cannot withstand pressure, there's a moment when Bibi gets past a certain stage in a crisis and understands it's impossible to get along with everyone and that he has to decide. The moment he understands the game is up, he manages to decide. He has the abilities of a statesman, but he's also dependent on politics. He wasn't elected by divine grace but by the body politic in Israel. I have no doubt that when the prime minister understands he has no choice but to decide and to stop straddling the fence, he'll be able to decide.

Q.Do you really believe he has that ability?

Rivlin: Yes. We're in the midst of a very profound crisis with a president who is becoming increasingly confrontational - I'm referring to the American president - and the prime minister will have to say: No more. There are things I can't turn my back on, especially things for which I was elected.....