Monday, March 8, 2010

Prof. Netanyahu turns 100, says: Iran trying to split US jews from Israel

( The Netanyahu clan, the Likud elite and leading political figures including President Shimon Peres gathered at a closed event in Jerusalem on Sunday to honor Prof. Ben-Tzion Netanyahu, the Prime Minister's father, on his 100th birthday.

In typical non-sentimental fashion, Prof. Netanyahu used the occasion at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center to deliver a stern, timely message of warning. “From the Iranian side we hear the promise that in a short while – in a matter of days – an end will be put to the Zionist movement and there will be no more Zionists in the world,” he told the gathering.

“One is supposed to conclude from this that the Jews of the Land of Israel will be annihilated, while the Jews of America, whose leaders refused to join the pressure on Iran, are being told in a hinted way that the annihilation of the Jews will not include them...”

“On the other hand, the Jewish people is making its position clear, and trusting its great military might. The Nation of Israel is showing the world today how a nation should behave when it stands before an existential threat: to look the danger in the eye; to weigh in a calm and collected fashion what should be done and what can be done; and to be ready to enter the fray at the moment the chances of success appear reasonable.” Prof. Netanyahu concluded: “We must have the ability to stand firm mentally, which requires the presence of great powers of spirit. The People of Israel is showing the world today that it possesses such powers of spirit, and this is where my faith resides: an unqualified faith that our nation will fend off the danger that threatens its existence.”