Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PM Netanyahu to Livni's attacks: Paper doesn't protect us from rockets

(Ynet).Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Tzipi Livni faced off on Tuesday during a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting.

Netanyahu told Livni that he won last year's general election, and she in response said, "If it came down to what the public elected, political integrity would have compelled you to act the day after on what you sold the public before elections.

"Your reliance on public opinion polls in the United States attests to your blindness if you do not see the serious decline in Israel's standing around the world, partly as a result of your policies, and the lack of trust you have built. You must understand that this waste of time is not contributing to the State of Israel's existence as a Jewish state."

She urged him to make a decision: "You must understand what decision is needed. When you say there are all kinds of options, you should know where you want to go and then lead. You talk so much about the tango that you seem to be dealing more with dancing that with the consequences.

"Pick up negotiations, I suggest, from the point where (former Palestinian prime minister) Ahmed Qurei and I left off, and this does not included Olmert's declarations. The talks addressed all the principle security concerns, which were covered in talks by the defense minister (Ehud Barak) who is also your defense minister…"

In response Netanyahu referred to UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which secured the end of the Second Lebanon War, which took place during Livni's tenure as foreign minister. "I understand that for you a piece of paper is enough to ensure that rockets will not fall on Israel," he said.

Addressing her comments on resuming peace talks, he said, "Is Israel obliged by the concessions that you and Olmert made? Tell me, what did you give up on… Israel can't keep being asked to enter talks with demands, which the Palestinians consider to be final… East time you were on the brink of a deal… you never got to an agreement."