Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ma'ariv poll: Bibi Remains In A Strong First Place Towards A Renewed Mandate

From Maariv newspaper Thursday 10/11/2012
A Ma'ariv/Telseker poll conducted immediately after PM Netanayhu's sudden announcement on Monday night, instigating early Knesset elections less than a year ahead of time, showed Prime Minister Netanyahu solidifying his lead in positioning himself as the only serious and viable candidate, cruising towards a third term.  

According to the poll, Likud headed by Netanyahu would get 29 seats, up 2 from its current 27 seats. Labor headed by Yechimovich in a dead heat with Yair Lapid's new "Yesh Atid" party in fight for the second place with 17 seats, Lieberman with 13, and Shas 10 seat. Kadima the big winner in the 2009 elections winning 28 seats is down with 6 seats, the size of a soda can shop.

The poll also shows no imminent threat to Netanyahu's standing if Olmert and Tzipi Livni run together in a newly created centrist party. In that case, they both bite off some tidbits from the left and center respectfully, but from the Likud, that remains in a strong first place.