Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poll: 95% of Israelis think that American Jewry support is important to Israel's security

"We see Israelis think that American Jews care more about Israel's handling of security matters than the social justice concerns. Israelis views of American Jews are, in part, a reflection of Israelis' own identities; thinking that American Jews care about the issues that Israelis care about. To some extent, that's true. But American Jews most involved with Israel are also very tuned into Israel's treatment of women, Arabs, and Conservative and Reform Judaism." Cohen continued: "This gap -- between reality and perception -- suggests an important educational mission: To make Israelis, especially political leaders, aware of the extent to which American Jews care about social justice issues, alongside their concern for Israeli security issues." (Prof. Steven M. Cohen, Director of the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner).

Survey commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation and carried out by Teleseker:
(Sample size: 500, Sampling unit: Men and women Hebrew speakers ages 18 and older, Interview method: internet panel respondents, Field Work: 18-21 March, 2012, Sampling error: 4.5%)

1. To what extent do you think that the support of American Jewry is important or not important to Israel's security?
Very important to 63.3
Quite important 31.7
Not as important as 4.6
Not at all important 0.4

2. To what extent do you think American Jews care or not care about the security problems of Israel?
Very caring 34.8
Considerably care 54.2
Not as caring about 10.2
Does not matter at all 0.8

To what extent do you think American Jews care or not care about these issues that concern society?

3. Relation to Conservative and Reform communities in Israel in comparison to treatment of the Orthodox rabbis and communities
Very caring 16.0
Considerably care 44.5
Not as caring about 33.5
Does not matter at all 6.0

4. How the State of Israel handles the issue of negotiations with the Palestinians
Very caring 28.3
Considerably care 51.5
Not as caring about 16.8
Does not matter at all 3.4

5. How the State of Israel treats the issue of Iranian nuclear threat
Very caring 43.1
Considerably care 43.6
Not as caring about 12.1
Does not matter at all 1.2

6. Treatment of women in Israel
Very caring 13.1
Considerably care 36.2
Not as caring about 41.0
Does not matter at all 9.7

7. Israeli Arabs relations
Very caring 14.8
Considerably care 43.0
Not as caring about 33.4
Does not matter at all 8.8

8. Issues raised by social justice protest last summer
Very caring 08.2
Considerably care 30.6
Not as caring about 46.2
Does not matter at all 15.0