Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York City Mega-Developer Ilan Bracha honored by Israel’s Largest Educational Network Organization

New York, NY – Ilan Bracha often reflects back on the milestones that got him to his current position as one of the country’s most prominent and powerful real estate tycoons. He enjoys mentioning his previous IDF role, an infantry officer in the ‘Golani’ brigade, where he commanded over 120 troops. This coming April, Bracha will mark exactly one year as chairman of the nation’s third-largest real estate franchise, Keller Williams Realty in NY where he completed sales of $200 million to date. Following his service in 1996 and at the age of 21, Ilan Bracha came to the US for a visit and immediately fell in love with the city, deciding to stay. A friend offered him a job as a ‘mover’, a job that changed his life. It was a year into his job that he was asked to move Lewis Kaye of LBKaye International, a commercial broker who mentioned his impression of his ‘magnetic personality’ with a strong recommendation of going into real estate. Bracha returned his truck, got his license and took off to a new career.

Noting Ilan Bracha’s contributions in the Israeli military as an officer, his ongoing support of Israel and Israel’s vivid business environment , he and his wife Mati were announced as guests of honor at this YBA (Yeshivot Bnei Akiva) 33rd annual tribute dinner. YBA is Israel's largest religious Zionist educational network. YBA’s network consists of 70 schools across the country and 23,000 students educated in spirit of leadership and realization of their potential in every walk of Israeli society.

Alumni of YBA can be found not only among the highest ranks of the Israeli Defense Forces, but in the arts, sciences, education, medicine, industry and politics as well. Among the graduates are the current Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army; the Chief Rabbi of Israel; the Chief Rabbi of the IDF; the Chief of the Israeli Police. 40% of today’s young officers in the IDF are graduates of the network’s institutions, as well as nine of the current Knesset Members and Ministers.

YBA is chaired by Rabbi Haim Drukman- who will be receiving this year’s Israel Prize of Life Service to the State of Israel during Israel’s 2012 Independence Day celebrations.

The 33rd Annual Tribute Dinner will take place Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Pl. New York, NY 10280 from 6 to 9 PM EDT.

Ilan Bracha: “Mati and I are honored to have been chosen to be the Guests of Honor and understand the responsibility that goes along with this honor. We thank all of the YBA’s supporters of this wonderful educational network which is preparing Israel's future leaders.”