Friday, May 11, 2012

"Don't be sad [Bibi], your father wants you to be happy"

An Eight-year-old Israeli girl stirs Prime minister Netanyahu's emotions with a heartfelt condolence letter, Israel Hayom reports.
"Don't be sad," Gaia Talmon of Raanana, wrote to the prime minister. "Your father wants you to be happy." 

"I saw you on TV when your father died," she wrote. "I wanted to tell you not to be sad because he was 102 years old and did a lot in his life. Think about him wanting you to be happy always and manage our country in a good way." 

Talmon didn't forget to add: "What you still have left to do is bring peace, because our country is perfect (almost perfect, because we still don't have a water park in Raanana)." 

Netanyahu read the letter and couldn't ignore it, responding to the girl on Tuesday with his own personal letter. 

"I received many letters since my father passed away, but yours moved me in a special way,” he wrote. “I see that you care about me and that you were sad because of my sadness. Thank you, dear Gaia."