Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Likud slams Olmert/Kadima: One could think it was heaven under Kadima government

The Likud party condemned former prime minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday for criticizing the Netanyahu government, outlining all the hardships that Israel endured during Olmert's leadership.

Speaking at an Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry conference, Olmert said that the government's refusal to accept the United States request that Israel extend a freeze on West Bank settlement construction for two months could lead to Israel's political isolation in the world and damage Israel's economy.

Olmert told the audience that Israel could not expect to receive continued support from the U.S. and Europe if it continues to "insult the whole world."

Following Olmert's speech, Netanyahu's Likud party issued a statement attacking the previous Kadima government.

"Following Tzipi Livni's speech on Monday and Ehud Olmert's speech on Tuesday, one could think Israel was in heaven under the Kadima government."

"But the Israeli public remembers the truth. Three years, two wars, thousands of missiles fired into Israeli territory, one Goldstone report, enormous political sacrifices that led nowhere, and deep economic recession. That's the country that Livni and Olmert left".

"The Netanyahu government achieved economic prosperity, returned the calm and security to the Israeli people, and is currently engaged in the peace process while still standing up for Israel's national security interests, and maintaining strong relations with the United States."